Who I am, what I do, and why I do it…

Who I am

So, these are interesting questions. We’ll start with the ones that I know, and work our way back. My name is Chris Lamport, I’m an engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and a B.Sc in Gaming, Simulation and Robotics. I’m the muddled result of a hacker, a geek, an engineer with super ADD, and a mind that never stops. I currently work writing embedded code for medical devices, and previously worked with a High Performance Computing Group writing code for defense applications.

What I do

I love to learn and build new things. I’m always either watching science videos, building projects, or getting intoxicated and performing thought experiments. My projects are, to some, crazy in nature. Viewing particles, Scanning Electron Microscopes, EEGs, lasers, hexapods, trans-Cranial Direct Current Stimulation, Photobiomodulation mechanisms and others. If it isn’t interesting, why would I want to do it?

Why I do it

This, while being a perfectly reasonable question, will not be answered here. The reason is, I honestly don’t know. Whether it’s my ADD, my introversion, or my quest for knowledge, I’m never happy to know just enough. 

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