Interesting Links – Week of 2015 / 08 / 10

Happy Monday all! In order to help get you through the week, here are some of my geeky links from last week.

This week I am kind of on a regular expression kick. I am trying to parse some crazy large word documents and read some ranges, in the format of “xxx to xxx *”, where xxx is a double or integer. My theory is that using regular expressions instead of string matching will make things far easier, as currently the code does a String.Split on ” to “, but that doesn’t account for the cases where there is a value and then unit at the end such as “1.1 to 3.2 ml”. If I have time I might write a quick thing up about working with regular expressions, though I’ll have to understand them better myself as I don’t want to spread wrong information. If anyone has any helpful regex tutorials or sites, I’d love to hear from them.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Regular Expression Helper Tools

MSDN Regular Expressions


Space and Science

Black Hole Thermostats – IFLScience

Mickey Mouse on Meth – IFLScience

The Universe Is Dying! – IFLScience

Introducing Stanene – IFLScience

NASA Drones – IFLScience

Lab Animals Seeing Sunlight for the First Time – IFLScience

Why does eating Pineapple make your mouth sore? – IFLScience

Did Shakespeare Smoke Weed? – IFLScience

Fastest Fictional Spaceships – IFLScience

Neutron Stars with the power of Black Holes – IFLScience

Sixty Symbols – Wormholes and Portal 2

NASA Testing Rocket for Future Mars Mission

Notes for Me

HP PSU to Benchtop Power Supply

HP PSU to Benchtop Power Supply – Continued

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