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Interesting Videos – Week of 2015/07/20

My goal is, in the future, to post these on Monday as a sort of “Hey, sorry it’s Monday but at least I can give you some videos to get through it”. I ran a little late this time.

Roundest Object In The World

This is an interesting video about why making the roundest object in the world is really, really important to science.


Was Brian Cox Wrong?

Why can’t we send information faster than light?



What are anti-particles/anti-matter?

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Hello World!

....isn't he adorable?

To those of you who have managed to stumble across my humble little WordPress blog, I say hello. This blog will serve as the homepage for my crazy projects, intoxicated ramblings, interesting facts, YouTube links I think you should know of and more. Please bare with me as I attempt to learn how to turn my ADHD enhanced stream of consiousness (Ooh! LOOK A SQUIRREL!) into a semi comprehensible stream of text, video posts and images.
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