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Interesting Links – Week of 2015 / 08 / 10

Happy Monday all! In order to help get you through the week, here are some of my geeky links from last week.

This week I am kind of on a regular expression kick. I am trying to parse some crazy large word documents and read some ranges, in the format of “xxx to xxx *”, where xxx is a double or integer. My theory is that using regular expressions instead of string matching will make things far easier, as currently the code does a String.Split on ” to “, but that doesn’t account for the cases where there is a value and then unit at the end such as “1.1 to 3.2 ml”. If I have time I might write a quick thing up about working with regular expressions, though I’ll have to understand them better myself as I don’t want to spread wrong information. If anyone has any helpful regex tutorials or sites, I’d love to hear from them.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Regular Expression Helper Tools

MSDN Regular Expressions


Space and Science

Black Hole Thermostats – IFLScience

Mickey Mouse on Meth – IFLScience

The Universe Is Dying! – IFLScience

Introducing Stanene – IFLScience

NASA Drones – IFLScience

Lab Animals Seeing Sunlight for the First Time – IFLScience

Why does eating Pineapple make your mouth sore? – IFLScience

Did Shakespeare Smoke Weed? – IFLScience

Fastest Fictional Spaceships – IFLScience

Neutron Stars with the power of Black Holes – IFLScience

Sixty Symbols – Wormholes and Portal 2

NASA Testing Rocket for Future Mars Mission

Notes for Me

HP PSU to Benchtop Power Supply

HP PSU to Benchtop Power Supply – Continued

Interesting Links – Week of 2015 / 08 / 03

Real Time Lightning Strike Map


Mars Trek

Ever wanted to look around mars? Now you can!


Experience Curiosity

Want to drive a rover? Me too. I feel as though I’ll get many hours of play time with this browser based rover simulator.





The Universe in a Nutshell. This is a great video to give you a basic idea of how the universe works.


What is the Greatest Honor?

New Project Has Appeared! And other updates

Automated Apartment Door


I finally started a project that I’ve been talking about for a long time, and it just seemed fitting to call them Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

Tweedle-Dee is an Arduino Mega2560 with an NRF24Lo1 radio module. He will receive a unique, constantly changing code (provided by the Google Authentication service) sent from my phone. Upon receiving the code, Tweedle-Dee will parse a value that follows it that is the number of seconds that the front door should be unlocked. Using the NRF24L01 radio, an encrypted message containing authentication information and the time to remain unlocked will be sent from Tweedle-Dee to Tweedle-Dum.

Tweedle-Dum was originally constructed with a Teensy 3.1, which doesn’t seem to have the juice to power the NRF24L01 radio module effectively. I should be receiving the replacement MEGA2560 tonight, and I will update when I get the wireless communication between the two working.

Other Updates

I have uploaded some more research/white papers on tDCS under the project references -> tDCS page. Feel free to have a look, and if you know of any more, please let me know!

Interesting Links – Week of 2015 / 07 / 27

Why do pendulum clocks sync up?

Google DWave
I’ve seen it probably 20 times and I still get giddy every time I watch it.

Passing C# Variables
When do you use ref?

AMD Linux performance improvement
Why does changing an executable name in linux cause such drastic performance increases with Counter Strike: Global Offensive? It’s offensively simple.

2 Petawatt Laser
My current laser is 1.6 watts. Japan built a 2 petawatt laser. Where can I buy one?

Sixty Symbols – UV Light
MN: Who wants to make a Nuka Cola (From Fallout)? Watch this video.

A Brief History of Everything
MN: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains a brief history of everything. ‘Nuff said.

Why do we get bored?
MN: A good video with lots of psychology points. Related stuff to lookup: Thomas Silverstein, Secret of a Wild Child

What is the greatest honor?
MN: Vsauce YouTube video

How plutonium got us to Pluto
MN: Science / Sixty Symbols
Very interesting article on how power is generated on the New Horizons spacecraft.

Why do bruises change color?

Interesting Videos – Week of 2015/07/20

My goal is, in the future, to post these on Monday as a sort of “Hey, sorry it’s Monday but at least I can give you some videos to get through it”. I ran a little late this time.

Roundest Object In The World

This is an interesting video about why making the roundest object in the world is really, really important to science.


Was Brian Cox Wrong?

Why can’t we send information faster than light?



What are anti-particles/anti-matter?

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